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A multidisciplinary approach that guarantees results

Choosing an effective approach when dealing with cognitive difficulties, is imperative for effective and long term results for your family. At the Centre, our specialists and their multidisciplinary approach, will guide you towards a personalised action plan aimed at developing an adapted lasting solution. Our specialists will assess all aspects of any cognitive or behavioural difficulty in order to ensure a thorough process for your family. Through our approach, we can guarantee results that will give you and your family a ticket to success and peace of mind. Our work at the Centre is not just our profession, it is our passion.

Furthermore, our Centre is associated with partners from a wide variety of disciplines to offer services that will be completely adapted to the needs of each individual.

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Experts from all disciplines

Our practitioners are experts in the field of neurocognitive assessment of children, teenagers, adults and the elderly. Our developed expertise allows us to offer quality health care, a human approach and personalised support. We make sure to be an important asset in our patient’s cognitive development and an invaluable support for your family. For several years, professionals from our Centre have been partners with educational establishments and public health institutions throughout Quebec.

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Our pharmacist is available to advise you

At the Neuropsy Centre, you will benefit from a pharmaceutical consultation, from our own pharmacist, who will assist you and address any of your concerns with regards to any medication and treatment. He will inform you of any recommendations, restrictions and medication components that are pertinent to the treatment given. At Neuropsy Centre, all professionals work as a team for effective results.

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We are a training environment recognized by the OPQ for doctoral student throughout Quebec and elsewhere

Annually, we welcome more than a dozen doctoral students from all around the world. Our specialists are qualified to supervise these doctoral level graduates of Psychology and Neuropsychology Programs from here and all around the world. By participating in our program, you are guaranteed to benefit from a specialised training environment to develop your knowledge and to perfect your professional experience.

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Our work at the Centre is not just our profession, it is our passion

Choose our team as your guide and support for long lasting solutions and peace of mind for your family.

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