Neuropsychology is the study of different brain functions and abilities. Its aim is to help provide answers by taking into consideration all the necessary aspects of a patients general cognitive functioning.

Neuropsychological Assessments

Neuropsychology is a crossroads discipline born mainly from the interaction between neurology and psychology. As such, neuropsychology is the study of different brain functions. In this sense, a neuropsychological assessment is a diagnostic process that allows for the measurement of an individual’s cognitive functioning; their strengths and their weaknesses. To do this, the neuropsychologist measures and defines the different aspects of the brain’s functioning through the use of specialised and standardised tools. For instance, these specialised tools allow us to assess a person's intellectual functioning, memory, attention, language, motor development, processing speed, perception, and many other functions that are essential to our daily lives.

Subsequently, this information allows us to develop the patient's cognitive profile, a diagnosis and write a full report. This report is an indispensable tool through which the patient can benefit from the accommodation and / or specialized services in hospitals, and rehabilitation centers or even in schools. The neuropsychological assessment is often the starting point of an intervention, because it serves as a guide for the individual, parents and other professionals in the health system.

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