Our team

Our team is composed of a variety of professionals that are leaders in the medical field. Their expertise is in the assessment and intervention of a wide variety of cognitive difficulties presented by children, teens, adults and the elderly. Our specialists also work in various universities and public health establishments throughout Quebec. Our devoted team provides high quality health care to stimulate individual development by making a difference in their day- to-day lives. Our expertise is aimed at everyone who is experiencing emotional difficulties, has learning disabilities or developmental problems. We also commit to the utmost level of confidentiality and the highest level of professionalism. Neuropsy Centre ensures complete support for our patients through our partners with different Centres, medical and paramedical clinics from the private sector.

Dr Bouras' testimony

I have had the pleasure and the opportunity to work with an incredible team of professionals during my internship in the Psychology Department at the Montreal Children's hospital (MCH) where I began my career as a neuropsychologist. During those years at the MCH, I had the opportunity to face many challenges and to work alongside a team of highly accomplished experts. This experience helped me develop my academic knowledge pertaining to many neuro- developmental, genetic and psychiatric dysfunctions. I also worked in several English elementary schools as a neuropsychologist for the Sir Wilfrid-Laurier School board. In 2007, I founded the Neuropsy Centre, which brought me closer to the private sector. Since 2010, I have been working exclusively in my private practice where I am now specialized in pediatric care. The majority of our patients are referred to us by hospitals or rehabilitation Centres, public and private schools, as well as our valued partners and colleagues in the private and public sectors.

Investing in the future profesionals in psychology and neuropsychology

Dr Bouras strongly believes in encouraging the development of competency. At Neuropsy Centre, he is continually supervising psychometricians and doctoral level interns to help them reach their highest potential in their chosen field. He also supervises foreign trained professionals in neuropsychology who wish to improve their competencies and obtain equivalencies acknowledged by the OPQ.

A distinguished team in Quebec

All members of the Neuropsy team are recognized by various institutions all over Quebec and around the world. This is all thanks to our many partners in public health that allow us to ensure a wide array of interdisciplinary specializations to care for our patients.

The founder

Dr Raby Bouras
Director of Neuropsy Centers

Dr Raby Bouras, Ph. D. is a clinical neuropsychologist and member of the Ordre of Psychologists of Quebec. He has many years of experience dealing with neurodevelopmental disorders and various learning disabilities in children and teens. Dr Bouras worked as a school neuropsychologist and as a neuropsychologist in the Psychology Department at the Montreal Children Hospital. Subsequently, Dr Bouras decided to work exclusively in the private sector. In addition to his clinical experience, he also has invaluable experience in research and teaching. His experiences helped develop and build a successful career and vast knowledge in his field. Moreover, he continually participates in the training of psychology students at Masters or Doctorate levels for various universities in Quebec.

« Our work at the Centre is not just our profession, it is our passion »

To learn more about his professional experience, visit his web page on the ordre of psychologists of Québec (OPQ) web site